Enjoying fine wine, 8 bottles at a time.

After two years of hosting virtual tastings we are finally able to return to in-person tastings! Please see our Upcoming Events page to see what is being planned throughout 2022 - take a look at our blog to see what we get up to at each tasting event.

We encourage you to become a member and learn about upcoming events and
book your tickets before the wider registration opens.

Welcome to the Toronto Vintners Club: Toronto’s oldest wine tasting club!


A place for first timers and aficionados to taste wines together from around the world. 


We are based in Downtown Toronto and our cellar holds 100s of bottles that enable us to curate guided tastings for members to enjoy. A typical tasting includes 8 wines that are selected to allow us to explore a grape or region.


Tastings are a fun and informative way to access wines that aren’t easily available. We also partner with wineries, distributors, and wine-makers to ensure members benefit from the widest range of wines, experiences and expertise.