Upcoming Events

 2022 Events

We are very excited about 2022’s lineup of events. This year will hopefully see us return to in-person events where hospitality, friendship, and education flourish. While the dates have yet to be confirmed with the venue, our plan currently includes:


January - Bordeaux 2005

What better way to start a season than a tasting of 2005 Bordeaux red wines? The 2005 vintage received top marks from experts and has only improved with age. This tasting will feature eight wines from seven Bordeaux appellations, including Margaux and Pomerol. 


February - The Red Wines of the Douro

Is a wine region capable of jealousy? You probably know that Spain’s famed Ribera del Duero is home to high-quality wines. When the Duero crosses the border and enters Portugal it becomes the Douro. Yes, high-quality wines come from the Douro as well and The Red Wines of the Douro is your opportunity to explore this up-and-coming appellation. With an average age of 10 years, the 8 wines that you will sample this evening will be your unique opportunity to try mature-high-quality Portuguese wines.


March - Reds from Southern Italy

Italian red wine is much more than Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. Jancis Robinson, the famous and respected wine author and critic, believes that there are 1,368 Italian wine grapes and that 377 are used to produce bottles for sale. The Red Wines of Southern Italy will be your opportunity to explore a few lesser-known Italian grapes. Will you prefer the ashy wines made from Nerello Mascalese in Etna or the grippy Aglianico wines from Basilicata? That’s just a start as eight different wines have been sleeping in our cellar for 8 years. Let’s wake them up and find some new Italian favorites for you.


April - Wine Agency Event

Believe it or not, the LCBO is not the only game in town. Ontario is home to a thriving network of wine agencies, often small enterprises, that are operated by people having a deep-seated passion and knowledge for wine. Typically these agencies allocate their great wines directly to their clientele. This event is your opportunity to try wines from an agent’s portfolio that might never land on the shelves of the LCBO. You will also learn how to buy direct from an agency (agency and wines to be announced later). 


May - The Great Red Wines of the World

Is the contents of the glass a Cabernet Sauvignon or Nebbiolo? Maybe it’s Pinot Noir? Can’t be... the color is too dark... or maybe it isn’t... what else could it be? You’ll have to wait until we finish The Great Red Wines of the World tasting to find out for sure. TVC’s wine buyers have expertly selected eight of the world’s best red varietals. We will not disclose their choices until the end of the event. Come challenge your senses and your knowledge of wine. 


June - Riesling - Alsace vs Germany

Riesling is often called the “King of Grapes” and some of the finest Riesling come from Alsace and Germany. At this event we will decide Who Will Wear the Riesling Crown with dry Riesling from Alsace and Germany. Will you prefer the minerality and French influences of Alsace or does your palate prefer the acidic intensity of the wines from Mosel? There can only be one King. 

September - Ontario Pinots

Pinot Noir thrives in cool climate and varied clay and limestone soils. For many Ontario vintners, Pinot Noir is the red grape of choice for high-quality wines. Our local winemakers are learning quickly how to master “the heartbreak grape” and wine enthusiasts globally are taking notice. The wines you will sample at the Ontario Pinot Noir tasting will focus on medal winners from the 2021 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada. This event is your opportunity to be the judge.


October - Australian Shiraz Food Pairings

The Toronto Vintners Club is not just about wine tastings. Every now and then we like to pull some bottles from the cellar, collaborate with a local chef, and tailor a dinner menu to pair with the wines. Our October dinner will feature Australian Shiraz wines, having 10 years of bottle age, and they are anxious to compliment the chef’s whims. (Restaurant and menu to be announced later.)


November - Bubbles & Sparkles

Kick off the festive season with our Sparkling Wine event. Although Champagne can only be made in France, sparkling wines are made all over the world from Italy to Spain, California, Argentina, Canada and beyond.  Do you like your bubbles smooth and creamy? Brut or Demi-Sec? There’s no better way to get a celebration started than with a glass (or two) of bubbly! (Wines to be announced later.)