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The Toronto Vintners Club was founded in June 1975 by businessman and entrepreneur Ted Turner and incorporated on May 25th, 1977, making it Toronto's first and now longest operating wine tasting club. An article written by Bob Pennington of the Toronto Star newspaper back in 1975, appealed to the public to contact Ted Turner, described as "world traveler . . . head of a Toronto personnel agency, part-time actor and amateur winemaker" if they were interested in starting "a private organization dedicated to the serious study of wine." Having traveled to San Francisco where a Vintner's Club existed, Ted thought Toronto might be interested in, ready for and benefit from starting a similar wine tasting club.


The Toronto Star article brought in a flood of interest. The very first tasting was of Bordeaux and Bordeaux-style wines on Tuesday, June 17, 1975 at the Regency East Ballroom of the [then] Hyatt House Hotel and attracted 150 people. The cost of the event was $6.50 by mail and $7.00 at the door. The wines served that evening ranged in price from $2.10 for Sommet Rouge to $17.70 for 1966 Chateau Rausan Segla.


Here's the ranking order of the wines from that evening, with no. 1 being the favourite of the group:


  1. 1966 Chateau Rausan Segla $17.70

  2. 1970 La Cour Pavillon $4.55

  3. Dumons Bordeaux Superieur $2.90

  4. 1962 Chateau Montbrun $8.25

  5. Andres Vin de Chuanac $2.40

  6. 1970 Chateau du Cadillac $4.05

  7. Colona Sommet Rouge $2.15

  8. 1970 Marques de Riscal $4.55


The second event, a Riesling tasting, attracted 160 people and the rest is history - the club was born.

In 2020, Toronto Vintners celebrated 45 years of organizing and hosting wine tastings.  That's a lot of wine!

Why Toronto Vintners?

Toronto Vintners is the only wine club serving downtown Toronto that offers tastings of wines from any and all regions of the world. 

Our private cellar holds over a thousand bottles of wines, many of which are stored for several years, for our members to enjoy.

We are non-profit and not affiliated with any winery or wine company.

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Board of Directors
  • Shauna Sexsmith (President)

  • Chris Morris (Vice President)

  • Alex Gluskin (Treasurer)

  • Smruti Patel (Secretary)

  • Ilona Brodovska

  • Matt Grenaghan

  • Carlo Roco

  • Kate Simpson

  • Kumar Stengar

  • Rick Wood